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Strengthening Democracy in America

Strengthening Democracy in America is a free online course intended primarily for teachers of civics and government who have not had an opportunity to study the American political system in depth. It begins with two videos that provide a framework for understanding the history and development of the American political system. The remaining videos focus on the strengths and weaknesses of our system and means of enhancing the strengths and diminishing the weaknesses.

Constitution 101

Type of Course: Live webinar

Length:  6 weeks, February 26 - April 29, 2019, 7-9 pm Eastern

Effort:  3 hours per week

Price: Free

Level: Introductory

Language: English

Constitution 101 will improve participants' knowledge of the Constitution and contemporary issues of American governance. Constitution 101 is a free course is open to adult learners and novice teachers. The course requires participants to purchase the We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution Level 3 textbook.

Constitution 101 is a free, synchronous online course. It consists of six units of instruction led by experienced mentor teachers. Participants will be required to complete reading assignments before each class session. Classes will take place via live video conference from 7 to 9 p.m. Eastern on six consecutive Tuesday nights from February 26 to April 2

Learn more on the Constitution 101 webpage.

Admission is limited to 100 people. Click here to register.

If you have any questions, please contact the course administrator, Mark Gage, at or 818-591-9321.

What You Will Learn

  • Week 1: The philosophical and historical foundations of the American political system 
  • Week 2: The creation of the U.S. Constitution 
  • Week 3: The Bill of Rights and other amendments to the Constitution 
  • Week 4: The role of federalism and the branches of government 
  • Week 5: The rights protected by the Bill of Rights
  • Week 6: Challenges facing American constitutional democracy in the twenty-first century

Teacher: Robert Leming

Presidential Academy

This is for teachers who are participating in the Presidential Academy for American History and Civics. To learn more about the Academy and how to apply, please visit

Congressional Academy

This is for students who are participating in the Congressional Academy for American History and Civics. To learn more about the Academy and how to apply, please visit